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Concerning single females on a quest for true genuine love, each bachelorette herself has to converge as ‘A COMMITTE OF ONE’.  Now this may initially sound oxymoronic because a committee is a group of persons consisting of three or more, delegated to consider a specific matter and execute a plan of action. But before you question the veracity of that statement, allow me to demonstrate to you an accurate account on how one female can figuratively become her own committee.

Every little girl is certain to be in accordance with human nature at some point, as she goes through a biological change called PMS. In the same way, the comprehensible arrangement for any woman to connect with her preeminent companion, is via an identity transformation I like to also call PMS.

P~Physical…The worth of a virtuous woman is metaphorically classified as “Far Above Rubies”, according to the bible (Proverbs 31:10). Hence, in order to raise your value, you must raise your values. The qualities you value in a man, will ultimately reflect your value as a woman. So, exactly how can you improve your worth? The initial transformation will be in your eyes. You will not be appealed as much by a man’s fashion statement, but you will become more impressed with his vision statement. A man can lose his money, house, car, clothes, etc, but as long as he has a vision, coupled with faith and EFFORT, he is still likely to succeed. Now be mindful of those men who claim to have goals/vision, but in actuality, they have wishes. A goal/vision devoid of persistence, dedication and effort is a WISH. But if he is exerting energy into that vision, then respect it, even if you can’t quite see the manifestation of his vision. Reason being is if your doctor prescribes glasses to you, others will NOT be able to quite clearly see through those lenses. It may be blurry for them, and they will perhaps say “I CAN’T SEE” as they attempt to look through your lenses. Why? Because those glasses were not prescribed to them, they were prescribed specifically for you; the lenses were tailor made for your eyes only. So in the same way, if God gives a man a vision, don’t doubt the legitimacy of his dream/vision because you are not able to quite see or understand how it will come to fruition. God did not give the vision to you, he specifically gave it to him. As matters stand, a transformation of your eyes will take place as you will be favorably influenced by a man’s vision statement vs his fashion statement, nonetheless, increasing your value.

M~Mental…Many women remain devoted to Beyonce Knowles’ popular song/cliche’ when she says “If you like it put a ring on it”, as they insinuate their presumed privilege to live within their own dimensions until some courtly gentleman asks her hand in marriage. But the truth and reality is, you don’t get the ring and then behave as a wife, you behave as a wife, and then you get the ring. The bible declares that when a man finds a ‘WIFE’, he finds a good thing and obtains favor with the Lord. Granted, having the benefit of a generous rear, sexy skin tone, upright breasts, and a megawatt smile would certainly be appreciated by any man. Nevertheless, those physical attributes will only gain you frequent invitations into his bedroom, but it’s the sum of your character that will afford you indefinite access into his heart. Hence, as it pertains to the fate of a man’s partner in marriage, women should exemplify qualities of a wife, prior to actually becoming a wife, even though the conditions have yet been established at the altar. Once they adopt this mindset and choose not to deviate, it’s at that point where the mental change has occurred.

S~Standards…The irony in David’s appointing as King of Israel is the fact that he did NOT quite possess the protege of a King. He was chosen such a divine position over his 7 older siblings who actually met the standard of King. In theory, I believe the indirect message God wanted to convey was to eliminate superficial standards. Women customarily maintain personal standards when it comes to a man of romantic interest. The acknowledged measures typically range from income, education, appearance, as well as material possessions. And if those conditions aren’t satisfied on initial perception, he will not be received very warmly. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have standards on how he should behave and treat you, but remove from consideration all superficial limits. Such being the case, I realize it’s somewhat natural for us as humans to concern ourselves with the apparent, but the easiest way to overcome that struggle is given to us in Psalms 37:4, where we are told to delight ourselves in the Lord and the desires of our hearts will be given to us. In context, its not referring to receiving those things we personally want for ourselves, but what it means is that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, God will place those things in our hearts that we should desire. In other words ladies, you will no longer desire what a man is driving, but you will be more passionate about what is driving him. You will no longer be as impressed by his fashion statement, but rather you will be more concerned with his vision statement. As manner could not be otherwise, abolishing external qualities is inevitable for change.

The course of actions demanded for a female identity transformation I call PMS, are for your eyes to see a man’s vision, and you to adopt a mindset of a wife, as well as dismiss superficial standards. Once this committee manifest in unison, figuratively speaking, she has become A COMMITTEE OF ONE.

Courtesy of Demetrius E. Harris—Freelance Writer, Relationship Blogger



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