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AMPS – Who is Wesley Jonathan? Wesley Jonathan- Wesley Jonathan is a cool, laid back, truthful, passionate, humble, simple, often indecisive, and somewhat an introvert type of guy.

AMPS – Where are you from? Wesley Jonathan- I was born in Northern California and was raised in Los Angeles.

AMPS – How did you first get started in acting, and how did that change your life? Wesley Jonathan- My cousin (who was an actress) asked my mother if I would be interested in doing t v shows/commercials at eight years old. I took pic-5some 8×10 headshots and met with and agency referred by my cousin, and got signed to a year contract. I was able to provide for my mother (single parent) and sisters at a very young age. I grew up faster then a lot of average kids.

AMPS – How old were you when you got your first roll? Wesley Jonathan- I was nine years old when I got my first role on the tv show 21 jump street.

AMPS – What do you like to do when you are not working? Wesley Jonathan- I like to play pool, golf, hang out with my friends, exercise, dance, sleep, watch movies, horseback riding, amusement, parks…things like that.

AMPS – Who is your roll model and inspires you? Wesley Jonathan- My mother is my roll model, and Michael Jackson inspires me.

AMPS – Are you single? Wesley Jonathan- I am single.

AMPS – How did you get the nick name “Nucci”, and does anyone still call you that? Wesley Jonathan- All of my family and close friends call me Nucci. It was a nickname given to me by accident from my mother baby talking me, from my understanding.

AMPS – Do you like it when people call you sweetness, and how did they come up with that name for you? Wesley Jonathan- I don’t know if I “like” it, but I don’t mind it. It’s understandable why people do. Sweetness out character. I like/love and am impressed when someone calls me by my first name or last name and even asks me what is my real name.

AMPS – Can you tell us why you go to the IBE every year and how do you feel about that event? Wesley Jonathan- I go to the IBE every year because my friend Amp Harris asks and invites me to attend for a great cause and I want to be a part of inspiring following there dreams, continue to do good things, or to start doing the right things if they haven’t, and ultimately making someone’s day.

AMPS – Can you tell our readers how you got the part in The Soul Man? Wesley Jonathan- I auditioned along with other actors and comedians to get the role on The Soul Man.

AMPS – Are there any other new projects that you are working on? Wesley Jonathan- I have a few roles line up but I can not discuss in full as of yet.

AMPS – What advise can you give young people who look up to you and want to be in this business? Wesley Jonathan- Advice that I would give to young people who look up to me and want to be in this business, is understand it’s just that, a business. Everyone has talent. About politics, timing, a little bit of luck and some other things that may and can received. You are often told NO. Rejection is a part of the business, so if you don’t have a thick skin it’s possible not the thing for you. Stay in school, have a fall back just in case our dream is delayed or looking a little shaky. Study whatever craft it is you are trying to pursue. Understand that there is someone that can do or so continue to be even better than yourself if that makes and sense. Basically there’s always room for improvement.

AMPS – How can your fans get in contact and follow you and what you are doing? Wesley Jonathan- My fans can contact me on twitter @wesleyjonathan.


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