Mandy Red/Singer/Model

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Mandy Red was born and reared in Dallas, Texas. During middle school, Mandy was in the band and played the flute. At some point after middle school, Mandy realized her passion was singing, which she has enjoyed since the tender age of two. Mandy also started modeling in 2014, but continued to focus on her love for music. While being truly gifted with many talents, Mandy has decided to focus on a career in music that also includes writing and creating her own music.


AMPS: As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Mandy: I’ve always wanted to be a singer in my heart. But when I was asked by an adult I said that I wanted to be a teacher because I thought that was what I was suppose too say. I told them what they wanted to hear, because I didn’t think anyone would take me serious if I said I wanted to be a singer.

AMPS: How long did you play in the band and why did you stop playing?

Mandy: I only played in middle school, because we had to choose a selective. Now going back to that I did learn how to read music a little.

AMPS: At what age did you realize that you could sing?

Mandy: I always remembered singing ever since I was a little. I remember looking at home videos and at the age of two my dad would give me the microphone and I would sing. I’ve always loved singing.

AMPS: Are there any other members of your family that sing or plays an instrument?

Mandy: Yes, my dad sings and plays the guitar. My dad definitely has music in his blood, so I would say that I definitely get the music that’s inside of me from my dad.       

AMPS: At what age were you when you felt comfortable singing in front of a crowed?

Mandy: I didn’t feel comfortable until I was an adult, and I told myself that this is something that you want to do so you’re going to have to conquer that fear. Even now I have to mentally prepare myself to sing in front of a crowd.   

AMPS: Tell us the story behind your new single Calentura?

Mandy:  Calentura means fever in English. Furthermore, it means coming to find out someone had no real intentions on working with someone, or really wanting anything serious with someone. They were just after one thing, and that was getting to “know them better” in one way. They just had a little “fever” or “Calentura”. 

AMPS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Mandy: I definitely see myself and my team on the charts on the billboards. I see us doing big stage performances and winning Grammies. 

AMPS: How do you choose your background dancers?

Mandy: There’s a lot of beautiful and talented women out there, and I look at their talent and what they can bring to the table. The one huge thing I look at is their heart, and their vision. Anyone who’s trying to pursue their dreams I try to bring on and help give them a platform where we can all work together and grow. It’s the mentality of where you’re trying to go and I look at the inside as well because that’s very important.    

AMPS: What is your favorite food and why?

Mandy: I love spicy food so anything spicy (laughing). If I had to pick only one, I would say tostada the taste is so delicious. It’s like a big tortilla it’s a big chip

AMPS: If there was an artist that you could open up for male or female who would it be?

Mandy: I would choose to open up for Bad Bunny. Because at the point he is an independent artist and he has come a long way. Bad Bunny is all over the globe.  

AMPS: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into this industry?

Mandy: Never give up, keep pushing and give it all you’ve got. Never be afraid of failing, because the only way you can fail is not trying. If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.


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